Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee
Beauty Bar takes great pride in the low prices and great values we offer our customers. We work hard to ensure that our product selection, product availability, competitive pricing, and superior service work together to create a great experience for you. We also want our customers to feel confident that we consistently offers great savings. For this reason, we offer Low (Total) Price Guarantee. If you find the identical product elsewhere, within 15 days of purchase, for a lower total price (product price plus shipping and handling fee, if from an online or mail order company), we will match the total price or gladly refund the difference.
You are eligible for a price-match refund if your request meets the following conditions:

• Comparisons MUST include the product price (plus shipping & handling charges, if from an online or via mail order company) when calculating the competitor’s total price.

• Our Low Price Guarantee applies only to retailers that have the identical product in-stock and the product is priced accurately.

• Total price match requests must be submitted within ten (15) days from the date of purchase.

• We must be able to verify it price by phone, printed ad, or online.

• Exclusions: Prices found at local or special events, clearance, auctions (ebay), or companies without a physical store location in the U.S

To request a total price match after purchase, simply fax a copy of your supporting information to our corporate office at 520-844-8106 Attn: Low Price Guarantee:

• Please do not forget to include the following information

• Copy of your receipt of purchase

• Your name, address, and contact information. This is required to mail a refund check.

• Verification of competitors lower total price, print advertisement, website address, phone number to verify price.

If you prefer you may bring the information by the salon and they can submit the request via fax.